Saturday, June 19, 2010

File this under "what was I thinking"

Well it was for father's day.  I bought these StarWars cookie cutters from William Sonoma, and made sugar cookies with them.  I have to say first of all the cookie cutters are amazing.  They work great and how cool these cookies look!  No kidding they were easy.  I used the recipe for sugar cookies that came in the box, and it was easy to follow and taste great.  You will notice that I don't have a picture of the "after" when I iced them.  That is because they looked sort of ridiculous!  I could have used better equipment, like a pastry bag and some fancy tips, but well, I did not.  And you could certainly tell.  From a distance they did look vaguely like the characters that they were suppose to be.  I would have liked to have some instructions on how to mix the icing for the colors of boba fett, and Yoda.  I made due with the pictures on the box, but mine were not going to look that good.  Boba Fett turned out looking a lot like he was from the set of Miami Vice, with turquoise and pink, instead of the green/blue and red that they pictured on the box.  The deserving dad did like the cookies though, so that is good.  What is that saying... "it's the thought that counts".  I do like the cookie cutters, and they were totally worth the price.  Now I just have to perfect those decorating skills with the royal icing!


Debs102 said...

Lol - poor you! My baking skills are poor at best - my husband is excellent so I leave it to him - these are super cool, have a friend who'd love them! Debs :)

April said...

Ha! Star wars cookie cutters - Love it ♥

I suck at drawing with royal icing... my husband is a natural.