Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Window Replacement is simple

This is a guest post from Stella Dartly

Replacing windows can be an easy process if you have the right tools and accurate knowledge. When I remodeled my home windows I first began the process by looking up information online on replacement windows . With the instructions read and understood I then went to my windows I was looking to replace and made measurements for the replacements. Once the measurements were made I took a trip to my local hardware store where I purchased the new windows and frames, and prepared myself for the process. The process of removal was the first step, to which I accomplished with the aid of a crowbar. I got the crowbar under the frame of the original window and pried it out of place until the frame was completely removed. I next popped the old worn down window out of its area and began prepping the gap for a new window installment. I replaced the framing with a newer higher end waterproofing framing material and sealed up all worn down gaps with caulking paste. With the window area prepped the next step was just to pop the window into place and begin attaching the frame. The whole process lasted about a couple hours and helped me completely remodel the look of the window of the living room area. Overall replacing a window was a simple process for me that was made easy through following internet instructions step by step and budgeting for the correct amount of materials

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