Monday, June 21, 2010

Beauty for your Kitchen

In the kitchen I love natural materials that contrast highly with stainless steel.  Our kitchen is modern meets rustic, and that is the way I like it.  Heavy wood goes well with the modern stainless appliances that grace our cozy kitchen.  I like the JK Adams cutting boards for their deep rich wood.  There are a variety of styles to fit any decorating needs.  They look great, and are functional, what could be better than that. My pots and pans would look great dangling from JK Adams pot rack, but unfortunately I don't have enough room for that.  There are many things that I have found on the JK Adams web page that are calling my name, it is just nice to have such beauty in the kitchen.  While I stand around making dinner after dinner I like to have some nice pieces to look at.  Makes me want to stay home and make great food.  Nothing goes better with great food, than great wine.  A JK Adams wine rack is the perfect storage set up for those precious bottles.  From big to small, floor or hanging you can find something to capture your eye!  Keep cooking, eating and drinking!

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