Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Let the Clean up Begin

It was a beautiful day at the gulf side beach.  People were out, the water was amazingly blue, and the sand as white as always.  The umbrellas were out, but not all occupied, a little strange for a fantastic blue June morning.  Just opposite of these lounge chairs was another site.  The clean up site.  The workers dressed in long pants were picking up tar balls off the pristine sand.  Thank you to them for making the beach clean.  I almost felt like I should be picking up to, and not just sitting around in the sand.  
The water was still nice so we took a swim in the gulf.  It was warm, and calm.  I just hope that we are not going to get a lot more from the oil spill.
We will keep going back until they tell us not to.  If you are planning a trip down to the gulf, we don't have any oil yet.  The businesses are open, and they want you to visit.  Support local businesses now, before it is too late.

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