Friday, June 11, 2010

Yard Decor

Now that my thumb has changed from black to green, I will be spending much more time on my garden.  The tomato plants in the back yard are soaring past the 7 foot mark, and I would not be surprised if they reached 8 feet this season.  They certainly could use a little more support.  A few good quality arbors might be good for those vining tomato plants.  Or maybe since the tomatoes want last year round, a nice wooden arbor as an entrance to a small secret garden would be more satisfying.  I have always wanted a little garden off to the side where I could plant some very fun special plants, and I think a garden arbor would be a perfect way to showcase a special garden.   Then I could put a small chair or bench in the garden and it would be a perfect spot to sit and gaze at all the hard work that goes into starting and maintaining a beautiful yard.  Arbors are a great investment, they will last for years, and give your climbing vines a special home.  I have some great ideas for our yard, now if I could just convince my husband to help with the transformation!

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