Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Custom Frames

I found this great frame just lying around in the house. The frame needed a new picture, and a new mat. I printed a picture on my epson photo printer, the one that prints 13 x 19 prints, and found some fabric from my stash. This stripe is a fabric my sister sent me. It is pretty awesome. I cut some cardboard from a box I got in the mail, and wrapped the cardboard with the fabric. I ironed it, attached it to the cardboard, and put the picture and the new custom mat in the frame. I had the perfect spot over my desk for the picture. This project was from all recycled materials.
The frame, already had it.
The mat, cut from cardboard that was going to be thrown away.
The fabric, purchased at a garage sale.
The print, well that I printed on new paper.

The scrap from this project is what I used to make the trash bag for my cigarette lighter in my car. (see earlier post).

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