Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Thanks to Taylor Regin for the guest post.
Nearly every show I watch on DVR that I got throughcannonSatellite.com. The DVR allows me to watch my favorite show's like The Big Bang Theory, Rules of Engagement  andHell's Kitchen when ever I want and with out commercial interruption. Because the show is recorded I simply fast forward through the commercials. The other benefit of fast forwarding through the commercials is it cuts out nearly ten minutes of each half hour show. Some times I don't get around to watching a particular program for a few weeks but that is okay because I set my DVR to record the every episode of a show. The DVR also helps me remember shows that I may have other wise have forgotten to watch. When I come across something I want to watch in the future I set the DVR to record it. This allows me to not worry about what day or time it will be aired. When I am ready to sit back and enjoy a good program, I open my list of recorded shows and choose what I am in the mood for.

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