Monday, February 16, 2009

What's In Your Bag

I went to the grocery store today with a menu for the week in mind. With my list in hand I gathered all the ingredients for a weeks worth of dinners for two.
The Challenge use only TWO bags.

The Menu
Monday: Potato wrapped halibut with spinach. Straight from this months issue of Bon Appetite
Tuesday: Roasted Potato soup (husbands favorite)
Wednesday: Roasted Turkey Breast with potatoes and salad
Thursday: Turkey tetrazzini (onion and sour cream with peas) served over pasta.
Friday: Turkey Sandwiches

The List:
sour cream
extras: milk, fruit, cereal
on hand: spinach, onion, bread

The grocery bagger today was great. He took the bags and stuffed everything in without squeezing or smashing anything.
I had two bags and everything fit except for the potatoes, but who would need a bag for that, they are already in a bag.

So what is in your bag? If you are using plastic I can guarantee it is a lot less than a cloth bag can hold.
A plastic bag would have ripped under the pressure of all that food. Not my reusable bags, they never let me down!

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