Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is Spring just around the corner?

I spent 15 minutes outside this morning before work. I fed the ducks and enjoyed quiet morning air. As I was standing at the edge of the creek I saw the first robin of spring. Overjoyed of course, I stepped closer to see him, next to that robin was another, and yet another. Trying to keep track of them all I counted about 25 of them coming in for a landing on the creeks edge that was covered in ice. This was all unfolding as the 24 ducks ate on the bank next to me. It was wonderful to see all that activity. The cardinals were out and the blue jays, and I even saw two cedar wax wings. It was a busy morning for the birds, heres hoping that spring is just around the corner.


quitecontrary1977 said...

I have put away the heavy coats. We had short sleeve weather again today..I am calling it spring! Watching ducks flying high, that sounds like such a lovely morning!

grapeinabottle said...

Sounds wonderful. I actually had to turn the AC on cuz it's so hot here in fla. Glad it is warming up there.