Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Dinner

No work yesterday, no call, no pager, it was a perfect day. My hubby finally had a weekend off, it has been awhile, so we took advantage of the off call day to play. We went out for lunch with some friends at a great local resturant called Fresh Starts.
After we indulged in the food, we headed back to the house for wine, a red no less, appropriate for Valentine's Day. It was a bottle we had received as a gift, and we always love to share a good bottle with good friends. It was Domaine de la Charbonniere Vacqueyras vintage 2005, smooth, crisp and full bodied.

This year we choose three resturants, and we tried to replicate our favorite dishes from each.
The appetizer was the wonderful creamy artichoke dip with my homemade baguettes.

Main course: Crab Legs (W G Shuckers in Savannah, Georgia).
They came out great, it was the first time I had made them at home, so imagine my delight with the first bite.

We went through the pile of crab legs in very short time. They remind me of warmer days. They were fantastic.

Last but certainly not least dessert: It is called Morton's Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake and it calls for 15 eggs! Yikes, that is a lot of eggs. Well worth it though. This dessert was so rich, dense, and delicious. We served it with raspberries.

What a wonderful day, wonderful food, and wonderful company! Who could ask for anything more.


Ann Wilkinson said...

what a wonderful day! i am a wine lover, and you've inspired me to feature a few of my favorites on my blog!!
your photos of your cake, crab, etc., are fantastic!

paperhill said...

everything looks wonderful! i'll have to check out your recipes. thanks for visiting my blog so glad you found me!

Sarah and Jon said...

How lovely! That chocolate cake looks fab.