Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lighting is Everything

We have very few switched lights, built into the ceilings. It is a challenge to get enough light without cluttering the house with lamps. It is a decorating challenge, especially now that our house is up for sale. We want it to be bright and cozy looking, but we don't want the buyer to just see all the accessory lights as clutter. Lighting can create a mood, bright and cheery, or dim the lights for an intimate dining experince. There are so many options when it comes to lighting, for now I will stick with what I have.

We did not have space in the entry for a floor lamp so we had to find a ceiling fixture to install. The one we choose is now my favorite light fixture. It is a motion light, it only turns on when you walk through the foyer. It is fitted with a compact fluorescent bulb and throws enough light to highlight the space, but not over power it. The fact that it is a motion sensor light is great because we don't waste energy by forgetting to turn it off. After several seconds it goes off on its own.

Upstairs we installed a ceiling fixture that has a fan and light. It is high on the energy efficiency scale, and with the remote, you never have to get out of bed if you forget to turn it off. I was able to move the two table lamps out of the bedroom, and relocate them to the craft room where I need much more light for my quilting projects.

Every time we have a showing for the house, I go around turn on all the lamps and all the switches to create a warm inviting environment for the prospective buyer. When it it is cold and dreary outside lighting is everything on the inside!

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