Monday, February 23, 2009


Since we just celebrated Abraham Lincoln's birthday it got me thinking about the Gettysburg address. He gave his speech in Gettysburg, PA at the dedication of the Soldiers National Cemetery. It would be a great place to visit, so rich in history. There are so many sites to see there including the largest battlefield shrine in America. I bet Gettysburg camping sites are packed during the reenactments of the battle of Gettysburg. The people that show up dressed in period clothing it would be a site to see, too.

I would love to spend a week RV camping in Gettysburg. With that much time you could really enjoy the Gettysburg Nation Military Park and all of the services, and tours that they offer. There are many historic houses to visit, and a guided tour through the park could be very informative. To get a glimpse of American history, a place where Lincoln gave one of the best speeches of all time. I would choose to go in the summer months if I were going because PA RV camping could be very chilly in the winter months.

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