Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Missing the water

Back in Florida it was a regular thing to grab your swimsuit and head out for some aquatic therapy. Swimming that is. There is nothing better than a hot summer day than to run full speed, jump, canon ball into a sparkling pool of water. Of course, in Florida the pools are outside, or in a screened area, but we are not as fortunate in the weather department as they are in the south, I guess an indoor pool would be a good alternative. Up here, pools are only a summer fling, and some people that I have encountered living here, admitted they have never gone swimming. I can't fully understand that, but it is what it is.

If I had decided to make Chicago my home, I would have had to set up my own spa area, where I could retreat from the winter and become revitalized despite what was happening outside. The winter blues could easily be dismissed with your own indoor hydrotherapy pool! I can see it now, swimming inside, with the snow falling outside.

For me, in the winter, it is hard to get motivated to do any sort of exercise. With the resistance jets of a swim spa I could get all the exercise I care to within the comforts of my home. The pool is not just for exercise either, many of them feature jets for massage. I would even just enjoy hanging out in the pool just to relax. With the water heater, the pool would be like a gigantic bathtub, nothing more relaxing than that! I can just imagine the pool with it's crystal clear water, slightly warmed by a pool heater, how inviting that sounds right about now.
A girl can dream.

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