Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dreaming of Vacation

When the weather is so cold here in the Midwest, I often dream of an easy vacation further south. We love to go camping and it is quick weekend trips that are the most fun, one hour to pack the car and we are on the road. Sometimes we head to the Indiana Dunes, but not in the winter. I would rather drive down to an rv park in North Carolina to get away from the brutal cold. NC rv parks can offer great amenities, and wonderful wooded campsites. One of the things I like best about camping is that we can bring along our furry friend. She loves the outdoors, and sleeping on our blowup bed. There is nothing better than sitting around in the sun with a good book, or just watching the birds, with nothing else to do.

Though we will not be vacationing this month, or even the next month, I am planning on a summer of camping around the US. Since we are moving in June, we will have a few weeks to make it to our location. I hope that we will take our time, and stop in some of the small towns along the way, and camp in the great outdoors. After being cooped up all winter long, it will be a joy to be out in the woods for a few weeks. Who know we might get to stop at the rv park NC.

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