Monday, February 23, 2009

At your fingertips

Wouldn't it be great to toss away your house key, and use your fingerprint as the means for unlocking your doors? It sounds too good to be true, but it is true. I could hardly believe that keyless locks would be an option for a house door. When I heard about the keyless locks, I imagined a James Bond movie, and retinal scans, to enter a top secret area of a building.
The kind of locks I am talking about are for residential homes, and you can just install them your self. I think the biometrics are the wave of the future, but they are here now. Knowing that only the people that are programed into the lock could gain access to my house would make me feel incredibly safe. Not to say, that the house would be burglar proof.
With conventional locks, if you lose your key, you are out of luck (unless you have a spare), you could be out in the cold for a long time waiting for a locksmith to come to your aid. With the keyless locks, you have your access with you at all times, right at your fingertip.
The keyless lock technology could be great for kids that are get home from school before their parents. The kids would not have to keep up with a key all day at school, they would just program their fingerprint in to the lock and they could come and go as they please.
A keyless lock is something I would love to have. I would never need to remember my house key again. When I have to replace the locks on my house I will opt for this great new technology.

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