Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wine Time

When we lived up in Chicagoland we often took trips to the wineries that were just over the border in Michigan Wine Country. We would make a day of it with a few friends. Tasting wines from the sweetest dessert wines, to great dry reds. Some of the wineries hosted getaways with wine pairing as the theme. Though we never did one of the weekends, they sounded like fun.

Now that we are in Florida, we like to host our own wine pairing dinners. Where we select a wine and find great dishes that compliments its flavors. Using the wine grades as our guide we try to pick wines that are scored above 90, but we do occasionally give the underdogs a try. Sometimes we just go in and pick a wine just by looking at the label, by picking that way believe it or not we have found some really great ones. Price is another contender when we are picking wines for our parties. You can easily find fabulous wines for under 20 dollars.
Half the fun is picking out the wines, but once we pop open the corks, that is when we really start having fun. Sharing the bottles with friends helps us determine the different subtle flavors in the bottle. We have mini wine reviews and have some good laughs too.
Wine parties can be fun, have your friends bring two bottles to the party. One bottle can be shared as you share stories, and the other can be a take home for another person. That way everyone goes home with a different bottle of wine.
Tell me about your wine parties, have you found any great wines for under $20?

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