Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On Task

One of the best items I have is my pocket calendar. This small but useful object keeps me on task, and I never forget appointments. I, however, would like one for the house that the entire family can use. We can put up game night, meetings, appointments. It would be a great place to write down every ones chores for the week, too. Everything that keeps the household running. We would use it at the nerve center of the house. I really like the idea of a dry erase calendar, one that can be updated easily when appointments changes, no more pencil erasing all over the place. Yes, we change our calendar that often.

The dry erase calendar can be put up on any wall surface, and can be customized, another really great feature for me. Why not use a great photo for your calendar background. One of the best features of a dry erase calendar is that it is reusable! Of course, it is eco friendly. You can just erase last months happenings and then you have a clean slate for next month. Add the meetings as they arise, and you will be super organized! No more throwing out last years calendar. One less thing to clutter your desk, if you are like me there is no room on the desk for a calendar anyway. I think it is the perfect solution to staying on task and keeping the house running smoothly.

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