Friday, September 25, 2009

Interior Design: not just for the pros.

The living room was looking a little drab the other day. Less than functional, and it was time for a change. I need to change it around so that it was fresh. I was not buying furniture online, it was time to rearrange. Not to say there aren't a few pieces of furniture that I am drooling over, but we are decorating on a budget, and sometimes you just need to move the furniture around for a fresh perspective. So I cleared out the room, mostly, and cleaned the area. I brought the couch back in first and placed it in a different location. Already I could see what a difference it was going to make. With a few more small moves, and perfect placement of the throw rug I had a brand new living room.
Interior design is not only for professionals, this simple transformation made my day. When M got home from work he noticed immediately and loved it! And since the day that I changed the furniture around, we have used the living room more than any other room in the house! It went from a room that we did not like, or use (wasted space) to the best sitting area in the house.
So next time your space looks a little dull, try something new. A different layout might be exactly what you need. Don't let that couch stick to the wall, try moving it out in the middle of the room. Couple it with an antique trunk, and a modern end table, perhaps you will be surprised with your eclectic look. Move that furniture around and get a completely new look, it is worth the effort.

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