Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Are you a Pastry Chef?

I am not a pastry chef, but I do love fresh made cheese danish. I wanted to try and make a few of these for a fun breakfast treat. I searched the Internet and found and easy to do recipe for great tasting cheese danish. Much to my surprise, with the help of some frozen pastry dough, they were really simple to make. The name says it all Easy Cheese Danish recipe.

I picked up the needed supplies at the store on Friday so that we could have just out of the oven delights on Saturday.
I followed the recipe as written on the food network, but I did put the cheese filling in the frig for about 20 minutes since I forgot to thaw the pastry dough. Once the dough was warm enough to unfold, I continued with the recipe as written. I cut the dough into quarters and filled like this.

By this time I was getting too hungry. I skipped the step that says chill for 20 minutes once the pastry is filled. I just could not wait any longer. So into the oven went the pan, and 20 minutes later I had warm cheese danish. I added a little icing just like my favorite bakery. It is just a quarter cup of confectioners' sugar and a teaspoon of water, but it is so so good.
For a twist you can add a little jam just before baking, and that would be really great too! Next time I will give that a try.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pictures...they are great! One question, was the fiiling enough to compliment all of that dough? The dough gets so fluffed up but I wondered in 1Tbsp. would give it that rich, cheesy taste I love in a cheese danish.

ThreadBeaur said...

I guess I did scoop a little more than the recommended tablespoon. I used all the filling for 8 danish. They were busting at the seams with the filling, in fact, a few did over flow on the parchment, but it did not effect the tasty goodness of the pastry.