Friday, September 18, 2009

Recovering can be fun

We had an old chair from Ikea. The kimsta looks like the Poang only it has no head pillow. I decided that we could recover the seat and it would be perfect in the nursery. I did not like any of the covers that Ikea sold, so I took my color scheme of brown and blue and went searching for some fabric. I found the perfect print for the room. Modern, not too kiddie.
The task of recovering started with examining the old cover, and with a few quick sketches we had a plan. I was going to sew it like a big pillow sham. I did not want to have to do the zipper, so in the back the fabric over laps like a pillow sham.
It was coming together smoothly, but when we gave it a try on the chair the top was a little too big.
Not to fret, with a quick zip across where the back and head connect, the bulkiness was eliminated, and the cover fits nicely.
I really like the way it looks in the room, and I guess that is what matters most!


Peebs And Roo said...

I like your choice of fabric! Good job on recovering the chair! Thanks for sharing!

missbmckay said...

looks fab! I'm so intimidated by projects like this. great job!