Monday, September 28, 2009

Saturday Blues

So the craft fair was shaping up to be good. All the vendors buzzed around the lot setting, and resetting their goods, until they had it just right. The temperature at 9 in the morning was reaching 90 degrees and the humidity felt like 100%. It was hot. So after fixing the displays I sat down for a much needed rest, and some water. Our location was the best thing about the day. My booth over looked the bay, and we watched the dolphins swimming and the pelicans flying. That was really the highlight of the day. The only thing that went was a few business cards, and I mean just a few. The parking set up for the show was not great. The vendors were able to park in the lot close to the tents, and the visitors to the show had to park across the street. The street happened to be a 4 lane divided highway... So you can imagine that it would take a bit to cross the road, and people seeing that probably just kept on driving. I think about 60 visitors total passed my booth, which is not very many. I was highly disappointed, as were the vendors just beside me.
So when we saw the storm clouds rolling in around 3:30 we really hoped for rain. When all the other vendors started packing up we did too. All in all, it was a long hot day, with not much more than a business card passed out.
At least we got to watch the dolphins.

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RhiannonSTR said...

Ugh - it is an awful feeling when you have shows like that. I guess it makes the good ones all that much better though!
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