Thursday, September 24, 2009

Under Lock and Key

I had an idea for a modern way to store fabric. Something fresh. All the colors could be separated into lockers. Yes, like your old style gym locker. Or a fresh look with one that has a great see through front. So all your happy fabrics could be seen without opening the door. I think this might look really neat in a studio setting. Can you imagine having an entire wall dedicated to fabric stored in fabulous see through lockers. You could have lockers specifically for scraps of each color, then you would always know that they were ready for the next project.
There are so many ways to organize fabric and unfinished projects I could go on forever. I need a separate space for all the unfinished quilt tops, and those that have been backed and not quilted. I think I would choose wood lockers for my projects. They look great and it would keep the dust off of them. Wether your studio is modern, small, larger or somewhere in between, a fabric locker could be the next big thing in fabric storage! Then again maybe it is just fleeting idea.

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