Friday, September 11, 2009

Becoming a Bag

In a few short days this will be my newest bag for the shop. This great old blackeye pea sack has been revamped into a shopping tote. This I think would be great for the market. Of course, nobody will have one just like it! The printing on the bag is still sharp, and dark. It would make a perfect gift for your California friends! Watch for it in the threadbeaur shop, or if you just have to have it, let me know, and I can list it just for you! For the strap, which I will be putting on this afternoon, I will use a khaki colored fabric, and the recycled red sheet. What a great way to re purpose items headed for the dump, now this has a second chance as a unique fashion friendly shopping bag.

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andrea creates said...

That's really neat...
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