Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Even my socks are Eco-friendly

On a whim I purchased a pair of socks with my Keen hiking shoes a few weeks ago. I have had plenty of time to try them out. I first wore the combo to New Orleans, where it was the hottest day I can remember. It would have been a day that my keen flip flops would have been great. However, I had on my teko socks and keen hiking shoes. While the rest of me was unbearably hot, my feet were not. They are so comfortable. I would recommend them to all my friends, and I will be buying a few more pairs for my new walking regimen. I can't say enough about these socks.
Teko is a eco-friendly company too. They use recycled polyester in their product, which in turn uses something that already exists, and reduces new products (pollutants) from being produced. As a manufacture they do use electricity, but to counter act that they buy wind credits to offset some of their electric use. They use recycled materials for their packaging. So you can pop it into the recycling bin when you unwrap those fantastic socks. Drumroll please.... as stated on the website in the "walking the talk" section they like to keep manufactures here in the USA busy, they have a factory right here on American soil in Mount Airy, North Carolina. I think I will buy stock in these socks!
If you need a good pair of socks, check them out, they are worth a few extra bucks.

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