Thursday, January 15, 2009

Shopping at Home

Shopping can be so fun when you are in your slippers. The thought of going out to a mall on a day like today (temps hovering around 12 below zero), is not my idea of a good time. Work was cancelled due to the severe weather, so I will take this opportunity to do some online shopping. Shopping over the internet has become some much easier with many tools for searching you are bound to find just what you are looking for. I am able to search the entire internet for the items I want, and the results don't come back with just the paid advertisers. The search results are all sites where that particular item is available that is Wiki for you.

Today I am searching for a drum set. We have all sorts of musical instruments here ranging from an accordian to a zither, but we don't have drums. I have wanted a drum set with hi hat cymbals for a long time, and I am not taking about the kind to play on the Wii (though I would like that too). The problem was that I did not know what kind of drums I needed, so I turned to ShopWiki for their explaination on what sort of drums I would need, and how to choose the correct set for my skill level, which is by the way noivce. I used the clickable words in the drum article to find drums by playing style, jazz. I really liked the Mapex M Birch 5-Piece Jazz Drum Set. The birch wood gives a great sound, and I love the color of this one. I think I would want my drums to look great as well as sound great. If they are going to be in my house, they should be a fashion piece too. They showed other styles like rock, fushion, and standard. I was so wrapped up in this site one click led to another. The information regarding drums is vast. They have other instruments too, such as trombones, trumpets, and triangles. I think this might be a good present for my other half when we move! That gives me several months to choose what kind of drum kit we want. One thing I did decide on already is, the must have item when purchasing a drum kit that people other than yourself might play, the drum silencers! They will keep everyone in the household happy.

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Corey James said...

Check out this kit...if you're looking for a jazz kit...this one is pretty nice even though you need to buy hardware and cymbals. Just a thought.