Friday, January 23, 2009

Computer Chaos

Computer chaos is something that my dear husband loves to create. He was off this week studying for the biggest test of his life, and on one of his breaks from the book he decided to do a little computer experiment. Thankfully it was his computer, otherwise this would be a not so nice entry about his computer craziness. He was in the process of partitioning his hard drive to have separate spaces for work, home, and the third I am still not sure what he was going to do with it. He got some new drivers for the experiment, not the kind of drivers that would take you to the store, these were the computer kind. The problem came in though when he went to re-boot after the partitions were complete, and what happened, well nothing really. The screen was black, I could hear the computer making noises, but not much else.

So this computer chaos that he created was the perfect distraction from the studying. He was able to research on the internet between the chapters from the review book. I think secretly he loves to tinker with the computer. He was testing out linux to see if he would like it since it can make his internet browser faster and more efficient. From time to time he would say what he was looking for, he started with hp drivers, and linux programs and ended with ibm drivers and back to studying. The things inbetween were lost on me. He seemed to be having fun, until he could not find his recovery disk for the computer. That is where I was the most helpful for him, I looked around and found it and then the chaos was gone the dust settled and the computer was back to normal, for now.

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