Friday, January 16, 2009

I got my New Shoes

While the tempuratre dips to -14 and 45 below with the windchill, I still long for the summer days ahead. Today UPS delivered my new shoes. It might be early to be ordering sandals, but I could not resist.

I have a pair similar to these that my sister had given me, so I know they are the most comfortable pair of flipflops one could ever own. The keen flip flops are the Waimea in Pumice stone. The great toe protector is one of the greatest features to grace the flip flop. The fact that the footbed is so comfortable is another plus. They are perfect for a light hike, and a must have on the sailboat! These don't need breaking in, they just need a warm day to wear them. I can't wait until that day comes!


grapeinabottle said...

Ya gotts to protect that toe. Resist the desire to wear them now because of the frost bite.

Anonymous said...

Super cute, but you know Keen shoes and bags are made in China, right? Sorry...I'm just sayin'...If you check their company website, they actually provide a legitimate rationale as to why.

ThreadBeaur said...

Way to rain on my parade Anonymous! I was using these fantastic flip flops to ward off the winter blues. Yes, I know they are made in China, but they are the only thing to keep me going through the gloomy days of winter. They are the light at the end of the cold, dark tunnel, there to remind me that summer will come. If I could find a suitable alternative then I would have chosen that, but since I could not find something as sporty, or as comfortable made here in the US of A, I have the keens.

One of the reasons that I don't like to buy things made in China is because of the sweat shop like conditions that workers face. In the case of Keen, at least they have a workplace code of conduct that they adhere to.