Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coldest Temps in over 10 years

At least it is pretty outside with snow everywhere. As of yesterday we had about 6-8 inches on the ground. Over night it snowed and it is currently snowing. We went outside to shovel again this morning, the air was still, and quiet. When it snows I love to go outside and listen to the silence. It is the kind of silence that only happens when it snows. That is of course before every fires up the snow blowers. Even though we have lived here for 10 years we don't have a snow blower, we prefer the quiet shovel. Once the snow stops for the day the weather station has forecasted sub zero temps to follow, with a wind chill advisory slated at -30 degrees! The weekend shows a promising forecast of around 24. The snowshoes are calling, and I hope that we can get out and play.

For all of you out there that live in cold climates, stay warm and enjoy the snow.

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