Friday, January 16, 2009

More Social networks

I am always on the look out for social networks where I can spread the word about Threadbeaur, and my eco-friendly shopping bags. I found a new one called Acobay. This network is based on "stuff", that is the things you use, or things you want to have. It is perfect for our materialistic world that we have created. Having said that, I did sign up and added a few of items that I use. This site is still in beta, and they say they will improve things as they go along, as with all sites, you have to start somewhere.

I did find it hard to navigate around through the different menu screens, I hope that will be resolved when they do an update. One of the items I added was my Sony Alpha A-100, there are a few other people that have added that same item. By adding an item, it shows others with that item in common, therefore making a connection with them. We have something in common. It is an interesting concept for a social networking group, but I think in order to make it thrive, they will have to work out some of the technical side to make it easier to navigate.

As with all social networking groups, you can fill out your profile with info about yourself, and your location. This is interesting though under the tab My Account, it will show you all the items that you have entered as "My Stuff". I am still working on uploading pictures, as the first few times I tried it said my format was wrong, and that I would have to try again. I got a little frustrated with that upload feature, so I will have to take a break and come back to Acobay later.

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