Monday, January 19, 2009

American Cars

While I am on the subject of the environment lets talk about cars. I am very interested in the hybrid cars that are sure to flood the market within a few years. I just hope that our American Car companies will be around to compete. I have seen some ford escape reviews that say it has great fuel efficiency, but I feel that the car companies can do more to increase the efficiency or do away with the gas portion of the engine all together. While the Ford Escape Hybrid does have fairly good fuel economy for an SUV (28 MPG), I think they can do better. The consumers have to demand better, not just for themselves, but for the enviornment.
Ford says that the 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid is the most fuel efficiant SUV. When gas prices soared, the whispered rumors of the hybrid/electric cars became louder, but now as we are paying less that $2 a gallon, those rumors of an influx of those eco-friendly cars have slipped back into the shadows from which they came. My next car, will no doubt be American made, and if Ford ever comes up with an electric car/SUV, I will gladly pay out some money for an American made eco-friendly alternative to the gas guzzling SUVs.

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ritasmeeta said...

Agreed! The American car companies MUST go forward with eco-friendly technology or they'll just continue to lose money and close down. I feel like there's no excuse for them not to invest in better technology and innovation. They know how to do it, so why aren't they doing it?