Monday, January 19, 2009

GPS Tracking for the Environment

I was thinking about how businesses could increase their productivity when employees are out and about on company time. I think that GPS tracking of employees on the clock is one area that could really help efficiency. By tracking the employee they could make sure they were taking the shortest route, and not making any unnecessary pit stops along the way. I would think that if an employee knew they were being tracked via GPS they would not only be more cautious about the route they took, but also they may drive more conservatively, in turn saving even more gas. How would you feel if you were being tracked by GPS while you were at work?

GPS tracking of employees is not the only place to use GPS to be more eco-friendly. What about GPS tracking in your life how could we use it to make our daily routine a little more green? I would use it to make my errands route so that I would never have to back track to go to the grocery store. I would use the GPS to show me the shortest most direct route to the gas station. Can I take the route where I will only have to make right turns to avoid idling at stop lights, and stop signs. If you think that can't help, UPS used some sort of GPS tracking to implement routes that avoided left turns, and they saved 3 million gallons of fuel. Just think if we could all do that with our GPS units, we would really be on to something good. It is all about the little things we can do everyday that will make a large impact in the years to come.


Amanda/Leopard said...

It's a good idea in theory, but there are problems. For one, the shortest route is not always the fastest route. That would mess with efficiency. Most people don't like to be tracked; it's akin to having your boss look over your shoulder, and I believe there has actually been studies which show that productivity increases when employees are given a little bit of freedom. By tracking employees, it's possible that this could actually decrease productivity.

Also, if you're only taking right turns, does that mean you're taking the shortest route possible? What if by taking away left turns, you increase your time on the road? Doesn't this take away some of the benefits? If I drove to my grocery store by only taking right turns, I'd go well out of my way to get there, and I'd still end up spending time idling at stop lights.

ThreadBeaur said...

Good Points. Thanks for responding, of course you would have to weigh the benefits of the routes. So maybe the GPS would be more cumbersome than helpful in that case. I guess it just proves that you have to use common sense and maybe that is the best way to help the environment!
Thanks for your comments.