Sunday, November 28, 2010

Running the Distance

Now that I am equipped with a running stroller, our daily run will be so much better.  We are going longer and further than normal.  Now that I can go further distances, I need to know just how far I am going.  I think for Christmas I am going to ask santa for a running gps watch with heart rate monitor.  I love great gadgets, and this one is so useful.  I like to know where I have gone, how long it has taken, and how many calories I likely burned.  Of course, Garmin makes great GPS items, and their watches are no different.  They are the perfect mate for running, and they aren't too bulky.  I can't wait to have an accurate account of the distance that we have run in an easy to use gps watch.  What do you use to track your runs, walks or other exercises?  Do you prefer handheld devices or watches?  I would love to hear your feedback!  Gotta run, literally!

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