Friday, November 19, 2010

A place to reflect.

My garden is growing at a record pace.  Being that it is finally a place to hang out, I need a place to sit and relax.  I was thinking that on the path that winds through the flowers would be a perfect place for a few garden benches.  That way I could sit on the stone benches and watch the butterflies float by.  I love to just sit and reflect on the day during the peaceful mornings or in the late afternoon.  The mornings are cool enough to want a warm cup of joe while enjoying the garden.  There are many types of benches you could choose for your garden, I like stone garden benches.  I like that they don't require any maintenance and over time they get a great patina.  There are memorial benches at the park that are amazing.  They look like they have been there for ever, and they have this sort of greenish patina in the detail crevasses.  It is so earthy, and natural.  I would love form my benches to look like that some day.

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