Monday, November 22, 2010

No Fail Gift Giving

I think we have all given someone a present and watched them open it.  Have you ever seen the face of someone who did not like the present, but suddenly realized they needed to make it seem as if they did like it?  I am sure.  It is hard to find gifts for a person that has everything.  How about that co-worker that is new and you just happened to draw their name in secret santa. There are a few presents that are no fail, one of them being my eco friendly coffee cozies, the other being chocolate.  Except for the rare few that are not chocolate fans, there is something to be said for good candy.  First it is consumable, so it is not going to be sticking around until next year, secondly you can always share it with your friends!  I know that there are several people on my list that will be getting candy this year.  I have one or two friends that are not chocolate fanatics like me, so they will be getting a fun bundle of peanut brittle this holiday season.  If you can't find the perfect gift this year, try some candy, it might surprise you!

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