Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Clothes for my boy

As he lays in his crib, suppose to be napping, I search the internet quickly.  I have to do some shopping for clothes.  It is much easier, for me, to shop online when he is napping.  Otherwise, we have to fight the crowds, fight off a nap, or some other catastrophe.  I would just rather have the items I want shipped directly to my door!  Clothes at the local stores leave much to be desired when it comes to clothes for boys. I am always on the look out for something fun, new, and of course perfect for my boy.  Boys clothing can be fun to shop for when you know where to look, so skip the big box, and search the net.  Exchanges, and returns are just as easy (if not easier) online than in the store, for many of the reasons I listed for shopping online in the first place.  Also, the customer service levels of online retailers I have found to be far superior!  I know that I will have my babe's outfits mail to me in no time flat!

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