Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mailboxes beauty or beast

Everyone has a mailbox, well, unless you have a PO Box, but most suburban homes have one either wall mounted mailboxes or one that is out by the road at the end of the drive.  What are your thoughts on the mailbox, are they beautiful, or are the strictly utilitarian.  I am in the beauty camp, they can give a little hint to your style, and give a little curb appeal.  Recently, we have been told that our mailbox is  not in the beautiful category, and we might need an upgrade.  I do agree too, the one we have is plastic, white, and covered in some sort of moss.  It might be time to upgrade.  I was thinking that I would like to have a wall mount mailbox, not only would it be easier to check the mail, but I really like the way they look when they are hung just under the outside light.  It gives me that warm fuzzy feeling.  A house mailboxes might not work here, since the mailman does his run in the truck, and not on foot, but I am still a fan of  wall mount mailboxes.  We had one when we lived up in Chicago, and it was really great, and looked fabulous!  What do you consider your mailbox to be beauty or the beast?

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