Friday, December 17, 2010

Twins? Gift Ideas.

So a friend is having twins, and I tried to think back about the things that I needed most when we had a newborn.  Now, it is only been a year, and I can't really remember the things that I liked best.  I could have gone with a soft toy, a few cute outfits (I do love clothes shopping) or a sock monkey (it was top on the list), but I wanted something different; special.  So instead of getting her something that she probably already has two of, I went with something handmade.  I made a set of quilts that at first glance are the same, similar, but if you look you will see that the color combination is opposite.  The boys are identical, but will no doubt grow up to be very different people.  These quilts, are similar, but different, just as twins are.  So I hope that she likes them, and that the boys will too!

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