Monday, July 5, 2010

Rain Chain Anyone?

Have you ever seen those cool copper rain chains that hang from the corner of cute cottages.  After seeing them recently hanging from the corner of a small cottage on the lake I thought I would look into them.  They looked really neat as the rain trickled down the rain chain in to a small basin.  After the rain the birds came and drank the water from the basin.  It was pretty neat.  They are not only for use on gutters.  You could have garden rain chains hanging from a trellis.  That way if you had the one with a basin the birds would be able to enjoy a drink in your garden.  It could help you turn your yard into a sanctuary for the birds.  I might needs these for my garden, now that I am getting the plants to grow.  These rain chains in conjunction with my bird feeders will bring all the birds to the yard!

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