Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chinchilla and college

Guest post written by Kathryn Liner
I’m a college student and live in a rental property that I wouldn’t exactly call “nice.” But it’s close to campus, big enough for my stuff and I can park in my own driveway for free, which is kind of rare for around here. Luckily, my landlord also allows pets so I keep my chinchilla Foxy here with me at school.
My landlord owns a lot of property around here so I know that he can’t and won’t come make a repair as soon as I call him. But when it comes to certain broken things, like air conditioning, they need to become a priority.
Chinchillas don’t really sweat so when they’re hot they don’t have a way to release the heat. Maybe I was freaking out even more because of Foxy, but I called up my landlord after researching some SEARS HVAC and told him that was the best quote I found, even though doing that was really his job, not mine.
Thankfully, he called them immediately and they replaced the broken system really soon and I could rest easy that Foxy was cool and not in any danger.

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