Friday, July 23, 2010

Bring on The Rain

The rain is coming, and I am glad.  It has been a few days since we have done rain harvesting.  Yes, that's right, our rain barrel is great for all sorts of things.  We use it mostly to refill the pool, and to water the veggies.  It has been so hot recently, that it is nice to have a supply of water to drip onto the vegetable garden to keep the peppers from wilting.  With the "feels like" temp soaring over 100 degrees, it is hard to keep the plants happy.  Our rain water barrels helps us do just that.  We are coming up on the rainy season so our barrels will be full most of the time.  Plenty of the rain water goes directly back to the ground, so rain water harvesting is no big deal.  I am so happy that we spent the money to get our great rain barrel with the mosquito screen on top to keep those pesky bugs away.  I definitely recommend having a few rain barrels around.

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