Monday, July 12, 2010

I need another vacation

After this last crying fit of the baby who did not want to take a nap I need another vacation!  Maybe a nice relaxing beach with a few rounds of golf!  The silence of the golf course sounds good right about now.  I could walk the course with just the sounds of the outdoors to listen to.  I can just imagine it, no crying!  How about a stroll on a beach early in the morning, to watch the sunrise.  I can hear the surf crashing on the shore, close your eyes, can you hear it?  For now though I guess I will just have to use my imagination.  I going to go look at to see what sort of packages I could get.  Could I please get a package that includes a fantastic modern room with all the amenities of a fine resort, and a golf package with a few quiet (I stress the word quiet) rounds of golf?  I am going to check it out here  
For now though, I have a few minutes after the baby fell asleep, let me meditate and enjoy the silence!

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