Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Ties

Yesterday we travelled to Rochelle, GA for a family reunion.  We were told that it started at 1pm, by the time we got there at 12:30 there were a few people already headed out the door taking the food with them.  So we scrambled to get a plate, and pile it high with food that ranged from mac n cheese to fried fat back.  Everything was good, and there were still plenty of people there to show off the new red-headed family member to.  The directions to the location were, follow that road, but stay on the paved bit and you can't miss it, so that is what we did.  During the last portion of the trip the transmission on the truck was failing, it needed fluid and was not shy about letting us know.  The combination of the car bucking, the phone ringing off the hook with people wondering where we were, and not really knowing where we were going was all a little stressful.
The trip can be summed up like this.
Gas for road trip to family reunion $40.
Transmission Fluid $8.
Finding out as we were leaving the reunion that we forgot to take in the brownies we made PRICELESS!
So I now have a mountain of brownies to eat!  I guess it could be worse!

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