Monday, July 12, 2010

Best Animated Movie – Wall-E

Guest post brought to you by Taylor Evalane
Today, my family just can't get enough of watching Disney's Wall-E on STARZ. Ever since we switched to direct tv and subscribed, they tune in just about every time they notice Wall-E on the schedule. This is actually a relief, since I'm a pretty big Pixar fan myself and not only tolerate the kids favorite flick, but actively enjoy it.
A surprisingly gentle love story, the titular character is an affable garbage compacting robot stuck cleaning up the Earth, long after humans have vacated for space. Intensely lonely, his life changes when a suspiciously Macbook-esque lady robot lands on earth for reasons unknown.
The love-stricken Wall-E does everything in his power to woo the visitor (who he later learns is named EVE). The puppy-eyed suitor follows EVE all the way into space, where the two will encounter the remnants of the human race.
Naturally, EVE eventually reciprocates our heroes feelings and the two share a zero gravity dance outside the hull of a giant spaceship, darting between the thrusters while soaring music accompanies their breathless tumble through the stars.
Pleasant and joyous in just about every way that matters, Wall-E is a film for families that will leave the kids better off than they started. It is an utter joy to have animated movies that have so much to offer a family artistically.

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