Sunday, May 3, 2009

Everything Please!

I love baking. I wanted to have some everything bagels, so I took down my book The Bread Baker's Apprentice, and got to work. The bagel recipe is easy, and most delicious. It is an overnight recipe so make sure you don't want to eat them until the next morning. I use a great mix of garlic, poppy seeds, caraway seeds and salt for the topping. They are so good, it is like having a bagel from the local bagel shop, only better, because you made it!

If you are interested in Bread Baking or Bagel making, I would recommend that book. My copy is never far from the oven, it is filled with great recipes and wonderful baking tips! If you have a successful bagel story I would love to hear about it. There is nothing better than a bagel straight from the oven slathered with cream cheese!

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Spotted Sparrow said...

I've been making bagels recently too. I thought they would be so much harder to make until I tried it. nom nom nom