Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finding my Way

I have been researching my new town of Shalimar, Fl. Once we get down there I can explore the area on my bike, but for now I have to rely on the internet. Since pizza is a necessity when moving, I have been searching for local restaurants, so I know where I can order it from once we are down there. Pizza is one way to bribe people into helping you too. If the pizza is out of this world, the more likely you are to get your friends to help! A local search of Shalimar, Fl brought up so many different things. I found some great thrift stores (which I will frequent) and my favorite section of the Local Favorites. This is very helpful, and the reviews provided by real people are great. This will let me know in advance whether or not a place is worth trying!

Setting up a move and working with businesses that are over 1000 miles away is difficult. It is important to have a local yellowpages available. The internet is great for that it is easy to look up all the local businesses that I will need, and set up services before I arrive. I am not sure what people did before the internet. I for one rely heavily on it for so many things.

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Megan said...

Hey girl, What part of FL is that at? Welcome back to the wonderful state of humidity. ;)