Friday, April 3, 2009

A new shoreline to discover

Once we move and settle in we will start exploring our new environment. As we did when we moved to Chicago. We explored the city, and we explored the top have of our great country from Illinois to Wyoming and back. We are always looking for an excuse to travel around. As I was exploring google maps, I saw that Myrtle Beach is less than an hour from where we will be living in Florida. Myrtle Beach Resorts litter the shore line, and I can't wait to check them out. Where there is warm weather, sunshine, and water, that is where you will find me. After 10 Chicago winters, I am ready, I am ready to go where it is warm. At the Myrtle Beach resort you can book sailing charters for days sails. The waters look so blue, and I can almost imagine the wind in my hair, hoisting the mail sail and setting sail for Bird Island.

As you can imagine Myrtle Beach hotels range in size from large to small. There is something for every one's budget. Indulge in a vacation to escape from the Midwest winter. I hear it is nice in Florida in March!

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