Friday, April 10, 2009

It adds up.

Do you have a daily coffee from your local shop? A paper cup with a cardboard sleeve snuggled around the middle?
Here is a number from your daily cup of joe wrapped in a cardboard sleeve.
Daily coffee = 365 cardboard sleeves a year.

That is only one person, think of the millions of coffee drinkers around the globe and multiple.
One cloth reusable coffee sleeve could save the landfills from the 365 yearly cardboards sleeves per person.
That can really add up.

I just finished a custom order for a bakery in Chicago. They are holding an Earth Day Celebration, not just for one day, they have extended for the entire week. While I was up in the sewing room, I thought of all the cardboard sleeves that this order could save. For the earth day celebration I made 25 coffee sleeves, and that could reduce the total number of cardboard sleeves headed to the land fill by 9,125 (in one year).

Again, this is a miniscule amount compared to the daily use of cardboard sleeves, but we can start here, and spread the word. With coffee shops on every corner, the numbers add up. Make your daily grind a little greener, get a reusable coffee sleeve today.

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