Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Buying For an Acquaintance

An acquaintance of mine is having their second child, and I had to come up with a gift. I would have made a quilt, but usually that is reserved for really close friends. I figure they pretty much have everything they need with all the hand me downs from the first one, so I was stumped on what to get them. I searched for some designer baby clothes, but I wanted something special for number two, so clothes might not be the best choice.

Not too long ago a friend was visiting, and her son had a stuffed animal that he called Jelly. It was soft, and durable, and he loved it! I found out that JellyCat is the name of a brand of stuffed toys, and they have a ton of different animals to choose from. I think that would be a fun and special present for baby number two. Now if Baby One can keep her hands off of it we should be in good shape. The JellyCat elephant and the giraffe are so cute, now I just have to pick which animal I like best!

While I was shopping online at Lou Lou's Corner for the JellyCat, I noticed they had a large selection of Barefoot Dreams items. I found the softest looking hoodie that would be perfect for a chilly day! There is a cozychic throw that is made from the same material, it is a must have. It is machine washable, what could be better than that. I guess today's online shopping adventure was pretty successful: Buy a gift for a friend, and a little something for me!

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