Friday, May 22, 2009

A new home for Avocados

I am not the only one that is excited about moving to Florida. I have a single indoor planter that plays host to 4 avocado saplings. These growing trees need more room, and of course would like to be outside for more than 4 months out of the year.

The four little seeds were headed for the trash can when I thought I can plant these. Planting avocados is so easy. I just cleaned the seed and popped it into the dirt. Since we live in Chicago, and the winters are brutal, I realized that my garden planters needed to come inside. So for over 6 months my indoor planter sat in the window that got the most sun. The hours of sunshine are greatly diminished in the winter months. These avocado seeds are fighters. With only two hours of sun a day, they started to grow, and the leaves increased in size and now I think they will make the move seamlessly to Florida. However, I will need to get four outdoor planters where they can continue to grow into large trees. Their new home will be in some decorative planters at the four corners of our swimming pool. I think there they will thrive in the sun from morning till night.
I have been transitioning the plants to the outdoors. I take the planter outside every morning and bring it back to the safety of the house each evening. I can certainly see they difference of getting a little more sun each day. The pot they are in now is not so pretty, so I will make sure their new pots will be high end planters that will last a lifetime!

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