Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Not too long ago there was a chance that we were going to be moving to Alaska. It was a one in 7 chance. Now, we know that we are not going there to live, but we will go for a visit. Whenever we would talk about our chances of moving to Alaska, ninety percent of the people we ran across had either lived there at one time wishing to return, or were very interested in visiting Alaska. Of course, there was the minority who said "Yikes, Alaska?".
We have a few friends that have been to Alaska and visited Denali Park. They said it was just amazing. I can just imagine the wildlife that is there in the park. Travel Alaska and you will be amazed at the wonderful wildlife, everything from bears to mountain goats. I would love to go in the summer months to get full 19 hours of sunlight a day. Can you imagine having that much daylight, the flip-side in the winter is not so nice, very short days.
Alaska travel can be for anyone, you could take a cruise to get there and have all the amenities included, get on the Alaska railroad, or you could go out on your own, and really get to see the great outdoors. I think that is the way we would like to see Alaska. Hiking in Denali Park or a tour of Kenai Fjords National Park. There is so much to see that you might have to make several trips, if you are not lucky enough to live in Alaska.

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